Day 1250 no words

Today is Thursday. Today, Trump is in Manchester speaking.

I have no words.



Day 1249 farmers

Today is Wednesday. Today, I received a bagful of cucumbers from one of my clients. Yesterday, I was given a half dozen tomatoes from another client. Hmmm, I wonder if any of my clients are growing lettuce. LOL

I love fresh veggies and fruit. This is the time of year where amateur gardeners are sharing their produce. It’s wonderful.

Our farmers are in trouble. The trade wars are going to devastate an already fragile business.

Buy local and support small farms.


Day 1248 Epstein

Today is Tuesday. Today, I read the piece about the suicide of Mr. Epstein. What a sad state of affairs. He left behind a testimony of the darkest kind of evil.

He was not alone. The rich and the powerful used him as a vehicle to engage in reprehensible crimes against children.

Shine a light. Shine a light. The wrong people are in prison.


Day 1247 soap

Today is Monday. I have been behind in helping my guys with things like soap, shampoo and toothpaste. Unless they buy it from the prison commissary, they have no hygiene items. The operant word is buy. I try to put money on their accounts so they can order from the commissary and get special treats once in a blue moon like cheese and pizza.

Tonight, I took a nice long warm shower. I used my organic lavender soap. When I was done, I just sat and cried over a freaking bar of soap.

God bless my caged peeps. God judge those uncaring money grubbing prison officials. God move the hearts of the tightfisted to help those get a bar of soap.

What are we doing?


Day 1246 slave labor

Today is Sunday. I have the Marshall Project come to my email among other prison watch groups.

It keeps me humble and grateful for what I have because while the loss of freedom should be the worst to endure in prison, it is often compounded by sheer brutality and inhumane treatment.

Slap slave labor on top and you can see why some of those nasty, unethical monsters in gov’t just represent our society at large.

Someone told me recently that I was being too kind. WTF. How can anyone be too kind in a country where an act of kindness goes viral because it is not the norm?

What are we doing?


Day 1245 Happy Birthday, Sue

Today is Saturday. Today, is a dear friend’s birthday; but, she has left us and we remain behind to remember. I miss Sue and I loved her dearly. She was one feisty Italian who could make me laugh when I was crying.

There are people who come into your life and leave a mark on your heart. Sue took a little piece of me when she left this world.

Happy birthday, Sue Crabtree. You were one in a million.

Rest in peace beautiful lady.