Day 1036 Fallout

Today is Sunday. Today when one calculates the hardship and suffering directly related to this gov’t shut down, the moral math is just not there.
Senior housing, funds for the vulnerable and of course, federal employees not getting paid are just some of the fallout.
We need to be aware of those around us. I suspect food banks will need more donations.
Paul, Matt and I pray every night for the guards at Ashland and their families.

Good news: I am an aunt again to little Oliver “Ollie” Michael. I just finished making his quilt.

Peace my friends.  As we raise our fists to protest against evil, let’s remember to open them with kindness to the vulnerable.


Day 1035 Underestimate

Today is Saturday. Today, I am learning to write testimony to present before lawmakers. It is intimidating. There is such a great pressure to get things perfect because lives are at stake. I have to remember I am only one piece of the process. I can only present a side. I can’t change people’s minds, or can I?
Sometimes I feel like a weak little lamb going before wolves.
Sometimes I underestimate. These are people like me. Many are very ill informed. My job should be to educate and provide other options.
I feel inadequate; but, I am willing to learn and do my best.

I need a hug, I think. 💞

Federal guards must report to work with no pay. I pray for everyone in the prisons.


Day 1034 crushed

Today is Thursday. Today, I received some sad news. If you recall, I saved up $150.00 and bought my friend, Joe, a guitar. He got permission from his CO and showed her the picture of the one I was ordering for him.
He is in a CCA in Tennessee (private prison). That should say everything.
Joe came back after spending Christmas and New Years alone in a small cell because his court date was cancelled and no one told him.
When he got back to his original cell, staff from the property room brought the guitar, showed it to him and told him he couldn’t have it. They said acoustic/electric aren’t allowed even though others have the same guitars from the same company.
He was crushed. I am crushed. The cruelty is so damn overwhelming.
I am in tears. Throw my freakin’ heart in the garbage disposal.

Day 1033 defining dignity

Today is Wednesday. Today, I am so very proud of my son for writing his 4th essay published by Mark Aldrich in his Gad About Town.
Matt has been contemplating the term “dignity.” He talks about it being the starting point for determining laws that affect our world.
Please, take a read and post your comments to the essay, my blog or #definingdignity on Twitter.


Peace my friends. 💞

Day 1032 S.O. registry

Today is Tuesday. Today, I am on a mission. Today, I will fight against the sex offender’s registry and I will support those who are working to get rid of this base, cruel and profane punishment.
One offense does not necessarily equal a lifetime label and continual persecution. I write many and there are those who have slept with teenagers, sexted, pissed in public, downloaded inappropriate pictures and had pictures planted on them.
The severe charges for all these “crimes” are the same. Everyone is labeled a sex offender. Really?!!! How can one be a sex offender if he/she hasn’t had sex? How can one still be a sex offender if he/she is not involved in it?
This is the new net that will fast replace the war against drugs incarceration.
We’ve been told a lie. Recidivism for “sex offenses” is low. The prisons make obscene money off mandatory minimums. Did you realize that for each picture a person will get 5 years in prison? What a great way to put people away that you don’t like. And yes, it happens. Oh yes. how it happens. We know. Ask my son.
Prisons are full of people who have been set up.
There are ways to handle those who hurt children. But, to use the registry on millions of others is evil.
I suspect I will anger and lose people over this.
I believe in restorative justice for everyone involved.

I am sick of unmerciful, harsh, cruel punishment. Our prisons thrive on it. Many politicians and media promote it. Corporations make money off it.

I will always work to foster healing.

peace and much love and respect to you all

Day 1031 our small corner

Today is Monday. Today is another gift to spend making our small corner of this world a better place. So, what did you do today to accomplish that? 🙂
Today, I bought a co worker a foo foo coffee because she had no money to get some herself. I also gave her a ride home because she didn’t have a car. I even gave up some of my work time to her so she could have extra hours for her skimpy paycheck.
It always comes back, you know. Sometime, somewhere, I will get it back and a little more.
Thank you to the peeps who contacted me through this blog about my Twitter break. I promise to rethink my decision.

Peace my friends.

Day 1030 Decisions

Today is Sunday. Today, I have come to a decision that I must re evaluate my involvement in various things. For instance, I offended someone on Twitter (not ever my intention) and it made me sit back. I don’t believe I am effective anymore in supporting my son or encouraging the people I am connected to. Some how I have messed up. I have lost my ability to help people feel important. I have lost the ability to reach people and inform them. So, I am stepping away from Twitter at this point in time.
I am also involved in an organization that I feel strongly about; but, for the past few months I have to say that I have become discouraged by the criticism of me and my work. I am seriously considering resigning.
I am weary. I just ask for your thoughts and prayers. I want to get myself sorted out so I can get back on track and be the person I need to be.

Friends are like stardust…just magical. Peace and blessings.