Today is Friday. Today, I received a letter from Joe. He was given permission to transfer to the prison where Chad is now located. These guys were together for at least a couple of years before Chad was transferred.

They had become the son and father to each other. When Chad was moved, I became very concerned for both of them. They were devastated and scared for one another.

Today, I was given $50 to use for “my peeps in prison.” I can start putting baskets together for them for Christmas.

I missed Chad’s birthday and that made me sad and frustrated. But, I put in some extra hours and was able to send him stamps depicting dinosaurs. He asks for stamps frequently.

I can’t visit my peeps in prison like Jesus encourages; but, I can write and send books and funds, and Christmas baskets.

I am looking forward to a letter telling me Chad and Joe are able to see each other again..;)

Love is an action.


The perpetual lie

Today is Thursday. We have power with our words. Some people have even more power depending on what occupation they have or what status they enjoy. For example, it seems that if you’re quite wealthy than your word can be trusted. Or, if you’re law enforcement or an official with the gov’t, then you must be a paragon of integrity and therefore your words are true.

The fact is everyone lies. Maybe the lie is small in our mind and we can justify it like telling your spouse she looks great in that dress when it could serve best as a costume for Halloween.

Maybe you lie about your weight or your age. Those kind of lies albeit deception, they won’t necessarily harm anyone.

How would you like to be the subject of a malicious and connived lie started several years ago, suffer and pay dearly for it and then find out you must still pay for this lie?

I used to think there were decent people who recognized the duplicitousness of our so called justice system for which they worked and tried to do the right thing.

I was wrong. I am wrong.

Today, I walked into a federal building. I had my phone taken. I set off the metal detector so I had to be wanded. As I shook like a leaf in the wind, I watched someone I love shake and begin to lose his composure as he watched helplessly.

Ever wonder how Jewish people felt in Nazi Germany when the Stasi came to question?

I can tell you how it feels. Thing is, would you believe me?

Would you care?


Rooms for rent

Today is Sunday. Today, I located some reasonably priced rooms for 3 young people who were recently released from prison.

Gosh! I could do this as a job. It felt good to be able to help those who will otherwise be homeless.

I am hoping these people are given a chance. Life is difficult enough with out the label of “felon” added.

Today, I saw a man with a broken arm and holes in his shoes standing on the side of the road with the familiar cardboard sign. His name is Rodney. I bought him a coffee and gave him some cash. It reminds me that the cold weather is coming and it’s time for the survival bags.

Don’t forget to include socks and mittens. I usually throw a few bags in my car to hand out. The cops can’t harrass you for handing out cash..;)