Day 1043 Yes, it’s winter

Today is Sunday. Today, it snowed and snowed. Today, we had to snow blow a few paths for my little bitty dog to be able to navigate to the appropriate potty spot.  The snow was higher than her.  Yes, it’s winter.

Paul and I had homemade chicken orzo soup and played Cribbage.  The cold is not fit for man nor beast out there.  Matt called to say that Ashland received about 1 inch of snow.  I laughed.  New Hampshire got a tad bit more than that.

Tonight, I finished my updated inmate list for those in prison who will be receiving our newsletter from CCJR (concerned citizens for justice reform).  My committee will be meeting Wednesday to mail out the newsletters.

Matt asked me to send him one of my business cards.  I guess I could sign him up as a member so he can receive a newsletter, too.

Tonight, I will leave you with this article that was put out again by Jeffrey Kaye of (orignally written 2012).  When you do this to people outside your country with no accountability it will always migrate home.

My son was drugged with Thorazine and amphetamines for the same “truth drug” effects in Maine 2010.  The alphabet agencies feel no accountability to anyone and haven’t since inception.

Stay vigilant.  Peace.




Day 1042 Be a Human

Today is Saturday. Today, some folks just make me wax poetic. It’s certainly more productive than beating them with a 2 by 4. Safer for me because we don’t need me in prison.
Anyway, suffer me some poetry. 🙂

Be a Human

When I was younger, much younger
I believed there were monsters under my bed
Made me dread; they lived beneath my bed
Sleep, I heard my grandmother say
When you wake up they will all go away.

I am older now, much older and wiser
The monsters I thought lived under my bed
They were in my head, not under the bed
The real ones live in my community, my work, my play
When I wake up each day, they haven’t gone away.

She smiles and pretends she’s your friend
As soon as your back is turned she’s throwing knives
Gossip and ridicule slither from her pretty lips
Her poison leaves her targets wounded, damaged
Sleep little monster and when you awake
I pray you will be a human one day.

He sips the overpriced latte and prepares his speech
He’ll tell you he’s on your side as he calculates
You need his expertise, his integrity
He needs your money and he’ll sell you out to make a name
Sleep little monster and when you awake
I pray you will be a human one day.

They use their religion to justify
Punishment, violence, indifference and selfish greed
Mercy and compassion are weakness, they despise the least
Self-righteousness is their badge, judgment their prescription
Sleep little monsters and when you awake
I pray you will be humans one day.

She’s white and you’re not.
That makes you less valuable.
He thinks he’s good but you’re not.
And you served time for your mistake or the system’s
Sleep little monsters and when you awake
I pray you will be humans one day.

In the mirror I look and a human I see
But is there a monster that could be hiding in me?
Guard your heart from the dark and the vile
That can turn us from humans to something quite horrible
Sleep little human and when you awake
Keep humanity and love the focus each day.

For all of you who have to deal with monsters.  Peace and hugs.

Day 1041 staying fit

Today is Friday. Today, I spoke to Matt. He has a Marine friend who is helping my son keep in shape. This is the young man I mentioned before who saw both of his friends blown to bits in Afghanistan.
He and Matt do a lot of training together to keep fit and focused.
Today, on the way to work, I heard this song by The Killers. I found the video. It’s very moving and the lyrics are relevant for the times. Is anyone listening?

We went in and destroyed gov’t’s and put monsters in power.  Now the people who are fleeing the violence in these countries are being imprisoned, children taken from them and gassed for seeking asylum here.

Just saying.


Day 1040 at the vet’s

Today is Thursday. Today, I took my little dog to her first vet appointment. This doc has an office out of her home. She has a barn with horses and a pen with goats.
My little dog was paid a great deal of attention from other pet owners and the vet thought Truffles was the cutest addition to her practice.
I have to laugh. You could be a troll; but, if you have a pet, especially a sweet one like my dog, others will include you in their circle. No, I’m not a troll.😉
I sat next to a talkative 12 year old who was infatuated with my dog. She has 5 dogs of her own. Her mom told me that her daughter tucks them all into bed and reads bedtime stories to them.
Can you get much sweeter than that?

I told Matt he’ll have to tuck in Truffles and read to her. He laughed hard.

Good night my friends. I think I’m coming down with a cold. Paul has made me hot tea with lemon and honey. Yeah, he’s a keeper. 😊💞💞

Day 1039 someone to believe in you

Today is Wednesday. Today, I fell down a flight of stairs. I think I got some sense knocked into me. I think I figured I need a new gig. I was never a coordinated since a kid and it certainly hasn’t improved. 😧

Tonight, I am working on testimony to support the abolishing of the death penalty here in NH.

I am always amazed that those things which are common sense elude many people. Harsh punishment does not work period.
When are people going to move away from that?

Good news today; Iowa restored voting rights to those who served time in prison, Matt called after some days of phone issues. He thanked his mom and dad for supporting him. Always..;)

Even if no one else in this world knows or cares what he suffered at the hands of some very evil people, we do and we will remain proud of him.  (We know what they did.)

Sometimes that’s all you need; someone to believe in you..;)


Day 1038 zipcode of incarceration

Today is Tuesday. Today, I am always encouraged when I meet people who are passionate for justice reform. There are a number of issues to be dealt with; some more vital than others.
I am also saddened and frustrated by those in power at the prisons who think it’s more than okay to treat inmates inhumanely.
Sometimes I wish they’d get a good taste of their own medecine.
Here’s something I learned. A woman who moved up here from Nashville told our justice reform group that the Nashville zipcode has the most incarcerated in the country.
I told Matt and his comment was, “So where are all the Christians?”
If we aren’t salt and light, if we aren’t about helping the poor and restoring people, influencing others to show mercy, compassion and real justice, exactly what are we doing?
The prison corporation is in Nashville. More prisoners means more $$ for stockholders.

Just saying.


Day 1037 special people

Today is Monday. Today, I ordered myself some ice grips. I splatted myself again just after I stepped out of my car. Geesh! My backside is tired of pain.
Today, I heard from another released friend. Woot woot!
I am chewing on a design for a personal handpainted quilt. He said my cards helped him through some dark times.
I have connections with some very special people. I am blessed.
Hug yourself for me, or better yet, get someone to hug you for me.

Peace friends💞