Labels and lies (day 5)

Today is Wednesday. Today, documents were released showing the absolute failure, cost of lives and obscene amount of dollars spent on the war in Afghanistan for eighteen long years. These documents show how Bush, Obama and now Trump have continually lied to protect themselves and the warmongers who revel in making war.

The people on the ground tell a totally different story than our politicians.

No surprise. Nothing has changed. Remember the absolute failure of Vietnam?

As a follower of Christ, I have the moral and ethical obligation to oppose war and I do.

Even if you believe in Augustine’s “Just war” doctrine which I do not, there are 4 criteria:

1) the damage inflicted by aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave and certain. 2) all other means of putting and end to the damage must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective. 3) there must be serious prospects of success. 4) the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated

Considering we have fomented wars for economic gain, none of our wars even come close to qualifying.

And, as Japan was preparing to surrender we still dropped the atomic bomb and obliterated over 200,000 civilians.

Spoiler alert: after 18 years we are not winning the war in Afghanistan; but, the warmongers are getting rich by it.

#Peace..when you stand for this, you are apt to be called all kinds of names and slurs.

Afghanistan: a Pentagon Paradise Built on Lies

Being poor does not diminish dignity or humanity

Today is Sunday. Below is a link to a 10 minute video about Dorothy Day. If it wasn’t for the selflessness and compassion, her activism as a journalist, a pacifist, and a Catholic social justice worker, hospitality houses for the poor would not have cropped up to the level that they did.

Here was a woman who believed those with means were ethically obligated to care for those without.

One selfless person can make a difference in the lives of others.


Labels and lies (day 4)

Today is Friday. Today, I am just as frustrated as most folks watching the “impeachment” drama. It’s not because I don’t believe the current president isn’t guilty; in fact, he is guilty of a great many things. It is a farce because past presidents have been involved in quid pro quo and both parties know it.

Today, though, I was in a really cool bookstore. The conversations around me were passionate and intelligent. I met a beautiful Cherokee woman who had been at Standing Rock. Her comment, “Never surrender.”

It gave me courage to stand for those issues that affect others for which I am passionate about.

Never surrender to fear.

3 for Thanksgiving

Today is Thursday. Today is Thanksgiving. It has been several years until the DeHarts became 3 again and shared a holiday together. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

Today, we recognize that there are many missing around the table of family and friends. We toasted those who are still caged or have left this world.

Today, I checked on three cats I have been taking care of for about a week now. The cat owners went out of town and hired me to cat sit.

One of the felines is a male Persian with the pushed in face whose name is Mr. Magee. He is 6 months old, very friendly and follows me around like a puppy. He expects to be picked up and snuggled.

The other two cats just give me the “Oh, it’s you,” look when I walk into the house.

After a week, they all want attention. I get my cat fix since my guys are allergic and I can’t have cats.

Sounds simplistic, eh? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Family and friends, even if they are real short and wear fur coats.

Happy Thanksgiving and lots of love.💜

Real deal (label, day 3)

Today is Wednesday. Today, I was privileged to hear about acts of kindness, of love.

My dearest friend, who has been temporarily displaced due to a myriad of health issues, was able to travel home and stay a few days to see her new grandchild.

A few women from my friend’s church could have just said, “Hey, you’re in our thoughts and prayers,” much like our shallow politicians.

Instead, food shopping was done, refrigerator filled and bedsheets washed and replaced before my friend set foot into her house.

Love is an action. If we label ourselves as Christians, shouldn’t we act like real deal?


Labels and lies (day 2)

Today is Tuesday. Today, I learned from someone very dear to me that he saw a large number of immigrants being transferred to a southern federal prison. These men were mostly from Guatamala and Mexico escaping violence.

The powers that be labeled these souls as gang members and criminals. But, my dear soul said they were just frightened bedraggled men with tear stains upon their faces.

(So dangerous that they were being housed at a minimum security prison).

Yup..this is America.

A lie and a label a day

Today is Monday. Today, I have to wonder about the lies we accept because someone(s) in perceived power declares something as true or uses labels to distract from reality.

In 2019, 70, 000 immigrant children were imprisoned–not animals in custody; not criminalsin detention; but children in awful overcrowded prisons managed by the cruelest of people.