Day 1259 Do some people not have a right to exist?

Today is Saturday. Do some people not have a right to exist and enjoy life?



Days 1257 and 1258 porcupine

Today is Friday. I did it again. I missed Thursday. Must be a week of utter distraction.

I was on my way home last night and had to swerve my car. In the middle of a back road lumbered the biggest porcupine I haver ever seen. I believe if I had hit that creature, the quills would have punctured my tires!

I guess distractions can be like a porcupine. They are the sharp quills that make you swerve from your course.

Wow, life is definitely not for sissies. Sometimes the ruts, the uneven roads, the porcupines give you a rough direction to navigate.

Once in a while, as you are driving along, you will meet up with construction or a closure in your lane. A flagger will smile and tell you to have a good day as you slowly move on. It doesn’t happen often; as a matter of fact, hardly at all. Most flaggers take themselves way too seriously usually wearing a perpetual scowl. But, when it does happen and you see a friendly face, it can be a game changer for the mood of your day.

Let’s try to be a cheerful flagger for those struggling to navigate their courses in life.

Much love and hugs!


Day 1255 and 1256 stress

Today is Wednesday. I forgot to post on Tuesday..:(

Stress. It can make you forget even simple things.

Tonight we are under a tornado warning. Yup, seriously, this is New Hampshire.

Stress. Eat well, exercise, and meditate.

Realize that you don’t need to be the solver of every problem and many things are beyond your control.

Do your best, give generously, love crazily and extend mercy like a new rain to parched land. Yet, realize we are not superheroes, we are human beings. And that my friends is the most imortant thing: be a human. There are too many ugly zombies out there.

Love and big squishy hugs.

Day 1253 no one ever got poor by giving

Today is Sunday. Today, I am just boggled by the human heart. You know that I have gofundme for my son Matt. And I am exceedingly grateful for those who have given already.

It’s befuddling to me that those you consider friends who’ve been asked to help, either stop talking to you or completely avoid the subject altogether. I find that to be the case with family members, too.

Then out of the blue, someone who doesn’t know Matt personally; but, is moved to help, decides he wants to start his own dental fund for my son. He works two jobs and is quite far from living the rich life. He has since handed me over $100.00 in tip money.

I am humbled by such a giving heart.

Mr. Bill, may the Lord bless you richly for blessing my son.

Giving never made anyone poor. Anne Frank


Day 1252 when saving lives just doesn’t matter

Today is Saturday. If you aren’t aware, Cuba has some of the best medical care in the world. Seems odd doesn’t it since the country has been blacklisted for decades even though those who were hated by officials in the country are long dead?

It’s worth the read.


Day 1251 sharing

Today is Friday. Today, I had lunch in Manchester with a special young person, who has ideas to provide affordable housing and sustainable agriculture in a community.

We talked and shared our ideas about helping the homeless, the disenfranchised and those who need a second chance.

It was a marvelous day sitting outside on a summer day eating great organic food and talking about things that matter.

Not everyone is out to make a buck without sharing.