When justice does not work for the people but against the people, then there is no justice at all.  When the powerful extorts the weak, when the innocent are not heard, when those who make poor decisions are exacted a “pound of flesh,” and much more, then there is no justice.   We have a broken system rife with corruption, bankrupt of mercy, and marked with profiteering.  These are real stories of those being ground up in a terrible system we call justice.

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  1. Cliffsull February 24, 2017 / 11:50 pm

    Hi Leanne (and Family)

    I write to you to extend my deepest and wholehearted apology about some comments I made against Matt I posted on Twitter lately.
    I felt I was right. I had read about Matts case and believed what MSM/US Gov wanted me to believe. That your Son was a bad guy who did bad things to children.

    I have fought against Online Child Abuse for many years now – I wrote my tweets from that standpoint as Matt represented that which I deplored.

    Obviously – the backlash from supporters was extreme – with threats and abuse levelled at myself – but I had expected this.

    Instead of attacking me though – I feel their wasted negative efforts would have been better spent trying to educate me more about the role Matt claims as a Whistleblower

    One or two good souls did so. They sent me links to very well written posts and evidence supporting the argument that Matt was forced into accepting such a horrific charge or die in prison.

    To those supporters of Matt who attacked me – I do understand why – but I say honestly that the tweets I posted initially were genuine questions asking why I should support someone convicted of such ‘black ops’ Charges.

    When the backlash started against me I dug in , dug deeper and said some horrible things out of hate and anger – I was WRONG. I AM ashamed of them.


    Anyway – my apology has now begun to turn into a rant so I will finish this by saying I couldn’t find your Contact form and really wanted to apologise directly to you Leanne and to Matt and your Husband. I am Sorry


    • leannslines February 25, 2017 / 3:14 am

      Thank you most sincerely and humbly. I am a very forgiving person.

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