Today, I received a letter from one of my newest caged peeps, David. He has stage 4 cancer. He had one lung removed and he’s getting chemo because of spots on his liver.

David sends me drawings of birds and owls. He likes to draw and tells me he inherited his talent from his mom.

I can almost see him smiling as he’s writing me. He tells me he has hope and prays for me regularly.

The nurses are kind to him. That says alot because we know how raunchy and non existent medical care is in most prisons.

David served two tours in Iraq and his doctor believes he was exposed to chemicals there which caused his cancer.

He hasn’t told me; but, I suspect he’s serving time for drugs or pictures. Both area addictions which he should have had help with.

Tonight I watched in complete disbelief as a foul mouthed, hate spewing man received the highest national award for a civilian.

Here David sits in a prison dying after seeing and serving through the horrors of war while a truly despicable man, who also sadly is battling cancer, receives an award he definitely does not deserve.

The world is truly upside down.


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