Since the 1980’s, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals and the dysfunctional FDA knew that this heartburn medication produces the enzyme NDMA which causes cancer.

When scientists want to cause an accelerated form of cancer in rats for study, they use the enzyme NDMA. (nitrosodimethymaline) It is a potent hepatoxin that causes fibroids and tumours in the livers of rats.

If you have a diet high in nitrates ( found in deli meats, sausage, ham and many other foods), taking Zantac will SUBSTANTIALLY increase the NDMA enzyme in your body.

Sloan Kettering, the leader in cancer research, removed this crap from the hospital.

Please do your research. In the meantime STOP INGESTING ZANTAC.

Peace my friends. Stay safe; be wise.

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