The man who saved the world.

Today is Friday. Tonight, I watched a 2014 documentary about Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet Lt. Colonel who single handedly averted nuclear war in 1983. He did not want the responsibility of murdering millions of people.

The Soviets were already nervous because Reagan and Thatcher were participating in maneuvers simulating a nuclear war. The Soviets were prepared for a first strike from the US.

Everyone should see this documentary. One Minuteman missile has more capapability than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

It is very sobering. No one wins in a nuclear war.

Mr.Petrov came to the US and spoke about the murder of millions should missiles be launched. He asked why we couldn’t live together like brothers.

We have warmongers as politicians on both sides. If anyone talks about peace and against war, they get smeared as Communists.

Psalm 120:6,7

Too long have I dwelt

among those who hate peace.

I am in favor of peace;

but when I speak, they want war.

May the peacemakers rise up in 2020.

Christmas 2019

Today is Wednesday. Today is Christmas.

My family and I wish you peace and much love.

Thank you for all the prayers, well wishes and personal encouragement.

May those who are kind, compassionate, merciful and giving make their mark upon this world in the spirit of Jesus.

Merry Christmas.

That’s what Christmas is…

Today is Sunday. Today, we gave Manny a Christmas card with a small gift. If you saw the joy in his face, you’d think he won the lottery. It just might be the only one he gets.

That’s what Christmas is…

Today, I took the money I received from a client as a bonus for Christmas and sent it to a friend who doesn’t have health insurance and needs medical treatment.

That’s what Christmas is…

Today, Matt brought in cookies and coffee for his co workers. He gave a $25 tip to a young woman at the local Duncan Donuts because she was working all alone and seemed stressed.

That’s what Christmas is…

Giving. Everyone needs a bit of cheer and kindness.

Merry Christmas dear souls. Be a gift to a sad and lonely world out there.


Hugging is a crime here

Today is Friday. Today, I watched a documentary about Syrian refugees being welcomed in Denmark.

The Danish have created a television show for Syrian children to help them adjust to their new country.

The thing that stood out the most for me was seeing the teachers hug and encourage all the children in their classes.

It reminded me of the time I taught French at 3 separate Montessori schools in the Maryland and DC area. My students ranged from kindergarten to third grade.

I remember how my kindergarteners were affectionate little souls who needed to express their love for their teachers. They constantly hugged, grabbed my hand or kissed my cheek.

We as teachers were not allowed to hug the kids. It was against the law. The kids didn’t understand this.

I hugged them anyway. I was their teacher, vetted well, not some serial killer. I taught French in 1993-94.

I used puppets, cooked simple French foods in class and we sang lots of songs. My kiddos loved me and I loved them.

In 2019, the Danes are still hugging children while we are putting them in cages.

Hygge…a cozy feeling of wellbeing which describes why the Danes are the happiest people on the planet.

It’s certainly not the state of being in the US.


Politicians hate the poor

Today is Wednesday. So, the military budget was approved unanimously except for a few noble people. (40)

We spend more than the top 10 countries combined. No one is saying we shouldn’t have a budget; but, how much is enough?

The $738 billion budget was approved after an increase which could have gone to feeding the over 3 million kids who are not getting remotely enough to eat. How about providing affordable housing for the homeless? How about helping poor schools? How about establishing a living wage? How about our crumbling bridges and roads? I could go on.

Whenever those topics come up, there is always pushback and the eternal question, “HOW WILL WE PAY FOR THAT?”

BUT, when it comes to military spending; dead silence. No one is even questioning the amount.

Heads up, people. Someone just joining the military makes a whopping $19,000 a year.

When I was in the army a thousand years ago, military families were struggling then. Nothing has changed. Then many of these young people come home from war and end up homeless or in prison. Priceless.

Can we do something nice for the “least of these” today? What a discouragement for the poor.


Search wisely

Today is Sunday. Today, I listened to Free Speech TV talking about Google. Did you realize it controls 200 companies and now it has it’s hands in pharmaceuticals?

With that said, any alternative form of medecine or therapy is discouraged and subverted in the search. “Alternative” doesn’t make money for the insatiable drug companies.

You will find suggestions that will manipulate you and direct you away from your wants, your decisions.

The Mayo clinic will usually come up and it will always provide conservative medical advice. If you want alternatives to synthetic drugs and surgery, you will have to adapt yourself to a new search engine that doesn’t exist to make money at your expense.

Some of the alternative and holistic medical professionals are planning on developing a search engine to counteract the attack on freedom of choice.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to be manipulated, used and spied on, I suggest the search engine DuckDuckGo to do your searches.

Today, the State Police showed up in our driveway. Paul and I were home and Matt was thankfully, at work.

Trigger. You will never understand what it does to us unless you live under such conditions. I hope with all my heart, you never have and you never will.


Labels and lies (day 5)

Today is Wednesday. Today, documents were released showing the absolute failure, cost of lives and obscene amount of dollars spent on the war in Afghanistan for eighteen long years. These documents show how Bush, Obama and now Trump have continually lied to protect themselves and the warmongers who revel in making war.

The people on the ground tell a totally different story than our politicians.

No surprise. Nothing has changed. Remember the absolute failure of Vietnam?

As a follower of Christ, I have the moral and ethical obligation to oppose war and I do.

Even if you believe in Augustine’s “Just war” doctrine which I do not, there are 4 criteria:

1) the damage inflicted by aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave and certain. 2) all other means of putting and end to the damage must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective. 3) there must be serious prospects of success. 4) the use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated

Considering we have fomented wars for economic gain, none of our wars even come close to qualifying.

And, as Japan was preparing to surrender we still dropped the atomic bomb and obliterated over 200,000 civilians.

Spoiler alert: after 18 years we are not winning the war in Afghanistan; but, the warmongers are getting rich by it.

#Peace..when you stand for this, you are apt to be called all kinds of names and slurs.

Afghanistan: a Pentagon Paradise Built on Lies

Being poor does not diminish dignity or humanity

Today is Sunday. Below is a link to a 10 minute video about Dorothy Day. If it wasn’t for the selflessness and compassion, her activism as a journalist, a pacifist, and a Catholic social justice worker, hospitality houses for the poor would not have cropped up to the level that they did.

Here was a woman who believed those with means were ethically obligated to care for those without.

One selfless person can make a difference in the lives of others.


Labels and lies (day 4)

Today is Friday. Today, I am just as frustrated as most folks watching the “impeachment” drama. It’s not because I don’t believe the current president isn’t guilty; in fact, he is guilty of a great many things. It is a farce because past presidents have been involved in quid pro quo and both parties know it.

Today, though, I was in a really cool bookstore. The conversations around me were passionate and intelligent. I met a beautiful Cherokee woman who had been at Standing Rock. Her comment, “Never surrender.”

It gave me courage to stand for those issues that affect others for which I am passionate about.

Never surrender to fear.