3 for Thanksgiving

Today is Thursday. Today is Thanksgiving. It has been several years until the DeHarts became 3 again and shared a holiday together. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

Today, we recognize that there are many missing around the table of family and friends. We toasted those who are still caged or have left this world.

Today, I checked on three cats I have been taking care of for about a week now. The cat owners went out of town and hired me to cat sit.

One of the felines is a male Persian with the pushed in face whose name is Mr. Magee. He is 6 months old, very friendly and follows me around like a puppy. He expects to be picked up and snuggled.

The other two cats just give me the “Oh, it’s you,” look when I walk into the house.

After a week, they all want attention. I get my cat fix since my guys are allergic and I can’t have cats.

Sounds simplistic, eh? Isn’t that what it’s all about? Family and friends, even if they are real short and wear fur coats.

Happy Thanksgiving and lots of love.💜

Real deal (label, day 3)

Today is Wednesday. Today, I was privileged to hear about acts of kindness, of love.

My dearest friend, who has been temporarily displaced due to a myriad of health issues, was able to travel home and stay a few days to see her new grandchild.

A few women from my friend’s church could have just said, “Hey, you’re in our thoughts and prayers,” much like our shallow politicians.

Instead, food shopping was done, refrigerator filled and bedsheets washed and replaced before my friend set foot into her house.

Love is an action. If we label ourselves as Christians, shouldn’t we act like real deal?


Labels and lies (day 2)

Today is Tuesday. Today, I learned from someone very dear to me that he saw a large number of immigrants being transferred to a southern federal prison. These men were mostly from Guatamala and Mexico escaping violence.

The powers that be labeled these souls as gang members and criminals. But, my dear soul said they were just frightened bedraggled men with tear stains upon their faces.

(So dangerous that they were being housed at a minimum security prison).

Yup..this is America.

A lie and a label a day

Today is Monday. Today, I have to wonder about the lies we accept because someone(s) in perceived power declares something as true or uses labels to distract from reality.

In 2019, 70, 000 immigrant children were imprisoned–not animals in custody; not criminalsin detention; but children in awful overcrowded prisons managed by the cruelest of people.



Words to live by

Today is Tuesday. Today, I received a letter from a person I have been thinking about for the last few weeks. His name is Kevin. He found my address written in a book that was given to him by my son and contacted me earlier this year. He was being moved to another prison shortly after contacting me. I managed to get a letter to him uncertain that it would reach him in time.

It’s been at least 6 or 7 months since his last letter. I was surprised and happy to hear from Kevin again. He had been moved; in fact, he was moved 3 times.

You may remember an earlier blog post about him. Kevin is gay and he was set up by a homophobic student and his family. Kevin went to prison for receiving a picture of this high school student having sex with his girlfriend. How duplicitous.

In prison, in most southern prisons, a gay person labeled as a sex offender is a target for violence.

Kevin told me that his journey has been grueling. He has been thrown in solitary confinement on arrival of each prison for his safety. Yup, you get punished for being a target.

He quoted some of my words in the last letter I had sent him. He told me that my words of encouragement kept him going. He found them to be true and he knew that I cared about him.

Words to live by. If you know me at all, you can probably guess what I might have said to him.

Words should build; words should encourage; words should be real.

To my dear friend, Kevin: you are in my prayers and in my heart.

I long for justice tempered with mercy and compassion. I long for decent people who live by ethics..we are so far gone from that in our farcical system of so called justice.

Words. #Peace


Today is Sunday. Today, I did a bit of reading and research. I was sparked to do when 2 things happened. First, I was approached by students to contribute money to their high school sports program. Second, I listened to the speech of a self absorbed and arrogant football player.

When I was is in school, those who excelled in a sport were popular with teachers, staff and other students. These athletes were somehow given a larger step above the rest of us and tended to be glorified. That hasn’t changed very much today; in fact, it is widely prevalent. The participation in sports isn’t a bad thing, yet we have come to make it a thing that separates the mighty from the weak.

Art and music programs will be cut; but, it will be a cold day in Hell when sports programs lose funding.

When US teams compete, we tend to wipe up the floor with other teams. It’s about physical superiority not intellect. We are not teaching our kids about good and fair sportsmanship; instead, it’s about crushing the opponent.

Once upon a time, a coach in a prominent Indiana high school allowed some very destructive and sexual hazing to go on. When he was threatened with dismissal, parents went to his defense at the expense of the abused students because his teams were often in the championship playoffs.


My research included how the Nazi’s glorified sports and those who excelled as athletes. They duped parents into pushing their children into athletic programs and promising that those kids would be superior to everyone else.

If you don’t pay attention to history, it repeats itself.

We should be encouraging our young people to be kind and supportive of each other. Build community, not barriers.

I don’t give to school sports; but, I do give to community programs like when cops in my town played basketball with local youth so they could build positive relationships.