Day 1279 noble poverty (part 2)

Today is Friday. Today I read in a Manchester newspaper that a local high school band decided to practice in a nearby park.

The park is also the living and sleeping quarters for many of the city’s homeless.

What a beautiful story it was displaying compassion, humanity and teaching kids a variety of lessons.

As the kids played and parents and friends listened, one parent noticed a homeless person shooting up his preferred drug.

This parent immediately alerted the others and after a bit of deliberation, the band and supporters moved toward the group of poor folks and proceeded to play for them.

Afterwards, the parents and kids had a picnic inviting those who had little or nothing to share in a lovely feast of sandwiches, chips, fruit, drinks and yes, even chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies.

One brave parent took the young person who was abusing drugs and offered to get him help and pay for it!!

It was a marvelous lesson to teach our kids about being grateful for what we have because there are others who nothing. It was a lovely lesson about kindness and mercy.


What actually happened; the one parent called the authorities to have “these” removed like trash from the curb. These parents didn’t want their high schoolers to see the poor, the addicted, the mentally ill. Good Lord how dare there be THOSE in our city parks.

America, America, you who throw the addicts and mentally ill to the trash heaps and prisons. You who cage children, abuse them and leave them to die. You who deny prisoners humanity and then shame them upon release so they are forced to be homeless.

America, America.


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