Day 1253 no one ever got poor by giving

Today is Sunday. Today, I am just boggled by the human heart. You know that I have gofundme for my son Matt. And I am exceedingly grateful for those who have given already.

It’s befuddling to me that those you consider friends who’ve been asked to help, either stop talking to you or completely avoid the subject altogether. I find that to be the case with family members, too.

Then out of the blue, someone who doesn’t know Matt personally; but, is moved to help, decides he wants to start his own dental fund for my son. He works two jobs and is quite far from living the rich life. He has since handed me over $100.00 in tip money.

I am humbled by such a giving heart.

Mr. Bill, may the Lord bless you richly for blessing my son.

Giving never made anyone poor. Anne Frank


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