Day 1241 Terrified

Today is Tuesday. Today, while Paul was visiting one of his patients in a nursing facility, an 84 year old man sat down at the dining room table with them. He apparently was a friend of Paul’s patient.

Paul noticed that the man became somewhat agitated and got up to leave. One of the aides walked over to speak to him. After a few minutes of whispering back and forth, the aide informed Paul that the 84 year old, who was originally from New Brunswick, Canada, was terrified. He thought Paul was a government agent coming to take him bevause he did not have his green card on him.

It took at least 10 minutes of asking about Canada and non threatening topics before Paul could get the older man calmed down.

No one should have to feel the terror of being “snatched.” Paul said it brought tears to his eyes.

The man went back to his room to retrieve his wallet that holds his green card.

What are we doing?


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