Day 1235 Release

Whistleblower Matt DeHart To Be Released From Prison In October


One thought on “Day 1235 Release

  1. K Mm August 1, 2019 / 12:53 pm

    Whistle blower? Hacking? November 14? LeAnna and Matt? Elizabeth, Tyler? Question what the fuck did Devin or Mac do to you? Huh? What did his father do? What did I do? Anything? I feel some should keep their Bradley. What you don’t like my opinion, not smart enough for Elizabeth. Kind of insulting huh? Kinda sucks when everything your doing is wrong. The actions the people you’re going to. Thought these people were your friends? When I was contacted long ago I don’t say shit unless I mean it. An I won’t say anything that Is going to hurt me. Hacking me will get you no where most of my info is offline and Kentucky even tried to come find it. I called them up told them it’s not here. Best fuck off to someone is stick in their face. Since that was done to me I do it right back. Some one smart talks I listen why it’s not here and only one person would know. As for my family you can try to shake them down good luck there. If you find money let me know I know that Devin is holding out. Such Evil boys. I trust nothing Kentucky says. NOTHING. When a Senator can’t help you? When not just one Senator can help?🤔 You know the prison system is linked to the jails there correct? Pretty Lucky he qualified.🤔 Nancy Grace from O2 Xy gonna been on in Boone! You should watch. I know my horns can be lethal, but sometimes an something’s people don’t understand. Now can I please get back to my life cause honestly how is someone in a different spot going to tell me I don’t know about intelligence community? That’s why I stopped watching. That’s why I separated. I still will listen to someone even on there. I just don’t honestly care if it’s 1000 years there’s right and wrong. So now you gonna take that grey area and shove it and tell me the truth?🤔 Huh? That is what this is supposed to be about. So when the Big Don shared about the divorce I listen. An when some crazy loose lipped lil hot head think is speaking in Kentucky. Then Sanders contacts you. UN has people coming here out of spite. Well I guess some’s approach just not as hard nose cause their not going to help anyone with that attitude. They outweigh the risk and advantages. So maybe some should think on that! Socialism breaks a democracy. John knows he had Ms Bishop on. An she is correct their side comes in a humanitarian projects. Like first step. Why I keep my horns down and going after that clown. You should too. I wouldn’t want some to get their pretty grubby hands on your son’s money as they in fact did mine. Why would Elizabeth go watch AOC? Does she not see the correlation? You not see that you need to keep an eye on your son for the rest of the day? Don”t trust those people and your state is a hot seat.

    On Wed, Jul 31, 2019, 10:30 PM Humanity not Commodity wrote:

    > leannslines posted: ” > > #Peace” >

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