Day 1265 get away

Today is Friday. Today I got caught in the traffic going north for the holiday weekend. A 20 minute ride took me an hour.

Can’t remember the last time we had a vacation or a get away.

It was fun to wave at kids in cars loaded down with bikes and kayaks. Everybody needs down time to renew.

To all those who can afford to run away and have fun: be safe and have a blast! 👍😊

Day 1264 depraved indifference

Today is Thursday. Most other western nations put a cap on sentencing. It’s generally 20 years for murder. We put people in for life and if they become old and sick, we just cheerfully watch them suffer and die.

If I hear one more person call this country a Christian nation, I will just vomit uncontrollably.


Day 1263 Frogs in the fog

Today is Wednesday. Tonight, Paul and I were travelling in heavy rain. A fog hovered just above the road and on this particular back road, hundreds of frogs were crossing from one side to the other. It was quite extraordinary. The came in all sizes.

The sad part, as much as we tried to avoid hitting most of them, a number of these amphibians were crushed by our tires.

The fog made it difficult for us and the frogs.

Can it be we make decisions without clarity; being in a fog of ignorance willful or not?

Don’t be a frog in the fog because you could get flattened. Be informed, be wise and light your path with truth.


Day 1262 Amazon

Today is Tuesday. Today, I received a letter from the arbor society. I think we should be planting trees; lots of them.

The Amazon rainforest is being decimated and the rainforests are the lungs of this planet.

Bolsanaro has eliminated environmental safety nets like 45. He has launched an attack on the indigenous people allowing thug type miners and loggers to destroy the Amazon.

All life is precious and important. Amazing how many psychopaths are rulers today who think of nothing but lining their pockets no matter at what cost to the rest of us.


Day 1261 Open hands

Today is Monday. Today, I lost a client. Her husband lost his job. I will miss them and their dog, Pete. He thought I was coming to see him. He would get so excited when I came to the door.

Today, a group of strangers from a small church in Wisconsin want to help Matt. They don’t have a lot but they want to give to his fund.

There are tender hearted people out there with open hands and open hearts.

Love is an action.