Day 1228 remembering day 74

Today is Wednesday. Today, I am going to repeat a previous blog post.

I hope this encourages you..😉💜

Day 74

Today is Sunday. Today I took a long walk around my neighborhood to
get a bit of sunshine after several days of continual rain. Mind you, I
like the rain; but I like it interspersed with several days of

I was thinking how wealthy I am. Really, Leann? Oh, not in a way
that a politician or a Wall Street banker looks at wealth; the kind of
wealth I’m talking about is in relationships.

Most people probably know by now that Paul and I lost pretty much
everything when it comes to material goods and money. We lost our
house, our small retirement funds and I even had to sell the little bit
of jewelry I owned. I would say our net worth as a family wouldn’t make
it on any list.

Matt has said to me a number of times, “Mom, in all this terrible
injustice, just look at all the cool people we have had the privilege to

No truer words can be said. When I think about people who encourage
us from all over the world, I feel like I have been given something very
precious. It humbles me and makes me swell up with deep gratitude.

To those who have become dear dear friends, you are priceless. I
would give up a hundred retirement accounts, houses, jewelry to be
called your friend.

If in this world you have even one true friend who will stand with
you and love you in all circumstances when many people are self serving
and have no integrity, then you have great wealth.

In this ongoing battle against injustice and evil, thank you to all
those who remain steadfast and loyal. I love you all and it is an
honour to be in your circle.

Peace, solidarity, and so much love….Leann

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