Day 1215 lunch

Today is Thursday.  Today, I had lunch with a former co worker.  She looked, healthy, happy and well rested.

We quit our jobs within 2 weeks of each other.  She told me I looked pretty good myself.  The stress we were both under in concert with sad pay and rude behaviour from the owner lead us both to launch out on our own.

The owner’s focus was on keeping her pricey membership with a golf club and I don’t mean the putter.

She only paid us 25 cents a mile and she complained about that as if we were ripping her off somehow.  I think the national average is 55 cents (?).

So, now I answer to me and if I mess up, I kick my own butt.  I’m harder on myself than anyone else.  But, if I do a really good job, I treat myself to art material.

Years ago, I used to run my own cake business doing parties and weddings.  Now, instead of whipping up icing for cakes, I’m whipping toilets into shape and yes they sparkle.  Lol

My clients like me because I am personable and I care about them.  I work hard and I don’t putter around. 😉




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