Day 1190 Fathers

Today is Sunday.  Today is Father’s Day.  Today, Paul read the card on which his son had someone do art work.  It was quite touching.

Today, it made me think of all those out there who might be remembering their fathers.

My father passed away a number of years ago. Maybe yours has, too.  Some fathers are the poster children for Hallmark and some are the furthest from that.

Some stepped in to being a kind, supportive and caring person for those who had no one.

I think about Joe, who sees himself as a father figure for the younger guys with whom he is incarcerated.  He told me his own kids don’t have anything to do with him, yet he watches out for others in the concrete jungle.

Whatever your experience, I hope there was someone in your life who was a father to you.  And if not, I hope you get to be around amazing fathers of all ages who make you glad there are still people like them in the world.

Hugs and very much love..💜





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