Day 1188 soul scream

Today is Friday.  Today, I teceived a letter from Chad.  He was so distraught.  He and Joe, who is older and like a father figure, have been cell mates for quite awhile.

Chad said they split him and Joe up.  Chad said he cries every night.

There was no reason to do this. I wonder what kind of people get such pleasure out of making others suffer.

One day, I hope it comes back on them tenfold.  And when they are in the midst of it, I hope all the faces of those they treated inhumanely sear their brains because they obviously lack a conscience.

Not quite forgiving; but, Chad is my autistic friend who relates like an 11 year old.

Do you ever get so tired of the cruelty that you can’t even physically cry? My soul screams inside.  I imagine the tears will come later.

Tonight, I’m sure millions are crying for someone they care about who is incarcerated.

#Peace and gentle hugs.

One thought on “Day 1188 soul scream

  1. Melody Bourgeois June 15, 2019 / 5:11 pm

    God catches every tear drop.❣

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