Day 1184 scumbag

Today is Monday.  Today, Matt received his full compliment of minutes (300). He likes to call me on the first day of new minutes and talk with me for 15 minutes instead of the usual 6 or 7 minutes.

It’s really nice to have somewhat of a decent conversation without feeling rushed.

Today, I was indirectly called a “scumbag” by a relative because I don’t call immediately and offer thanks for a greeting card this person sent.

Geez, I had to laugh.  If that’s the worse one can call me, I’m doing pretty good.  I don’t expect thanks for my art cards and sometimes I don’t get thanks; but, many times I do.

Trust me.  If I don’t get a thank you, I don’t think of the person as a “scumbag.”  I figure he/she was pleased with the card and if not; oh well.

I’m still chuckling.  At least I’m an artistic scumbag.  LOL

Hugs to all my sweet non scumbag peeps out there!


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