Day 1181 Book banning

Today is Friday.  Today, I read that Illinois prisons have banned over 200 book titles.  Many of these books are by people of color.  Many address social justice issues and historical patterns of incarceration.

How can such things be dealt with and fixed if those who are living it don’t have the opportunity to read others’ thoughts and have relevant discussions?

Prison administrators would not have to fear if they were treating those incarcerated with dignity and educated themselves on how rotten the justice system really is or at least admitted it and tried to work together to fix their part of it.

I don’t think many people understand how barbaric our prisons are or how many people plead to something they didn’t do.  Prison is a lucrative business.

If I posted what I see and hear on a daily basis, trust me, you would quit reading my blog.  I cry pretty much daily.


Get involved.  The evil people seem to be more active than the good.

One thought on “Day 1181 Book banning

  1. Melody Bourgeois June 8, 2019 / 7:12 pm

    Very well said. I hope more and more people will speak up and tell their stories. Keep shining the light.

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