Day 1178 passion for people

Today is Tuesday. Today, I received a letter from one of my guys. Did you know that the for profit prisons in TN and I’m sure in other states don’t provide hygiene products to the indigent? If you are incarcerated and have no one on the outside to provide funds for commissary and you don’t have a slave job in the prison, well, sucks to be you.
My monthly funding for two of the guys in Whiteville only goes so far. They are both out of soap and shampoo; things we take for granted.
You know what’s even more sad? When I tell folks what I’m doing, I just hear crickets. I don’t share what I do just for any kind of recognition or kicks. I do it because I want others to show a little humanity and help at least one of the poor souls in our barbaric system.
And for the record I’m not a “good person” followed by the pat on the back. I just know how bad the entire (in)justice system is and my heart goes out to those who are being ground up by it.
Apathy is such an awful disease.

I swear I would dance in the street if even one person I spoke to said, “Leann, is there anything I can do to help?”

Shell, ignore this because even though you are not from this country, you have such a heart and have helped many times. 🙂

#Passion for People

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