Day 1203 12 string

Today is Saturday.  Today, I went with Paul as he made rounds to see some of his patients.

One of ladies on hospice has 8 children and most of them were visiting their mom.  They are all musically inclined.  One of the brothers retrieved his 12 string guitar and everyone sang some classic rock songs.

They celebrate all aspects of life even the final phase.  It must have been an adventure growing up with each other.

Maybe we can’t sing on key or play a musical instrument; but, we can help others make positive memories.

Never underestimate the power of simple acts of kindness.  This world is harsh and cruel for too many people.




Day 1202 plants are cool

Today is Friday.  Today, I had to get after my herbs (the legal ones).  My dill is over two feet high.  It looks like a miniature forest growing on my deck railing.

The smell is just wonderful as is my basil, rosemary and lemon verbena.  Cutting fresh herbs and tossing them into salads, soups, dips and baked goods just makes good food even better.

I just read an article detailing how Illinois is expunging over 800,000 marijuana convictions.  Yay!

There are folks in for life for having weed.  Who are the real criminals here?

How about we end this tragic and injust war on drugs because the only thing it does besides destroying lives and families is make millions for people who profit off the prisons.

Tomorrow, I think I am going to make some biscuits with cheese and thyme.

Did you know thyme helps fight infection?  It kills the bacteria that causes acne and is an effective treatment for athlete’s foot.  It is also healthy for your scalp and hair improving circulation and growth.

Plants are cool..;)


Day 1201 debates

Today is Thursday.  Today, as the country gets giddy over the debates, I just listen to music.  Oh, I know what each of them have for pet issues; but, I am jaded enough to know that our corrupt system bloated with $$$$ will manipulate and squeeze out anyone who is not a poster child for Wall Street.

Pretty pessimistic, eh?

I know who I’m voting for (as if it really makes a difference).  And no, I don’t believe for one second that some other country hacked our elections.  We have enough scoundrels here to do that quite effectively.

It’s much nicer, I think, to vote for my favorite music.  Tonight, I’m giving some smooth jazz a whirl. How about you?



Day 1200 out of the blue

Today is Wednesday.  Today, I received a letter from someone I knew 14 years ago and hadn’t had contact all those many years.

She said she was thinking about my family and of all things, sent a bunch of stamps so I could bless my caged people.

I think I cried for half the day thinking about reconnecting and the very generous gift she provided for my sweet peeps.

I feel like I bang a hollow drum somedays about helping others.  And then, out of the blue comes such an amazing thing.

You may call it karma.  Me, I say it’s God listening and acting..;)

💞💞🌹💞💞Thank you, Cindy for your kindness to those you don’t even know. 🌹


Day 1197 life is a whisper

Today is Sunday.  Today, I spoke with a friend, who told me she had given up using pesticides on her lawn to encourage bees into a healthier environment.  I was happy to hear that many of her neighbors had followed suit letting their lawns go natural.

Today, we stopped to remember the families of the 7 Marine motorcyclists who were killed in NH.  Such an awful and heart breaking tragedy.

Rest in peace: Joanne, Edward, Desma, Michael, Albert and Daniel.  May the God of comfort and peace hold your families in love.

Life is but a whisper.  Make it count for good.