Day 1173 “Boxed”

Today is Thursday. Today, I had to pick up a prescription for myself; just a small tube which rang up as $105. Thank God, I have insurance which made my cost $11.
The young man at the counter, who checked me out, told me that just yesterday he had a guy, who needed diabetic medication. The cost was $500. The man did not have insurance nor the money to afford his medication. He left the pharmacy without it. My friend at the counter said he wished with all his heart he could have done something to help; but the cost is so prohibitive. We nodded in silence because what can you say? We live in the richest country in the world and people can’t afford their medications because the pharmas have to make obscene profits.
Today, I saw an ad for the new company “Boxed.” One can buy in bulk and get “stuff” shipped. So, while we are pushing consumerism in bulk (capitalist treadwheel for American gerbils), people, who can’t afford their medications, will go home to die and others will buy a freaking load of paper towels just because.


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