Day 1169 brainwashing not allowed

Today is Sunday. Today, it was 86 degrees and sunny. Today, I went with Paul as he made his rounds to see his patients since he is “on call” this weekend.

I noticed a number of places offering healthy choices for eating and organics. I even checked out Trader Joe’s, a grocery chain, I had yet to visit.
As important as it is to take care of our physical needs, we can’t for get to take care of our mental and emotional needs, too. With that in mind, what we ingest visually and audibly should be good and safe.
Unfortunately, over the years, there has been a concerted effort to paint a narrative that most citizens are probable criminals and law enforcement are the “good guys” out to save the day by subduing us terrible wretches.
This makes us look at each other unhealthily.
The worst are the Law and Order series, NCIS and FBI propaganda shows. If you are paying attention, the television dramas are as far from reality in this country as one can possibly get.
To paint all law enforcement as bad is just as wrong as to paint them all as good. But, there has been over 85,000 incidents of abusive law enforcement. (See USA Today)
Truth has become a criminal act. Journalists who hold gov’ts, corporations and powerful people accountable are persecuted, targeted, imprisoned and worse. Unfortunately, most of main stream media has become a distasteful force to distract and a dismal failure to report honest news.
Some solid sources for reliable information regarding what’s going on with criminal justice, political issues and other important issues:


You are smarter than those who want to manipulate the narrative.

Brainwashing is not allowed. Think for yourself.


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