Day 1162 Unwanted Lecture

Today is Sunday. Today is another lovely sunny day which first started off with rain. The trees around my place have exploded in shades of green. The birds are chirruping like they own my place. LOL
Today, I was confronted with my own weakness for not addressing rudeness. Some of you have read about my homeless friend in my blog. Today, he asked for some help. Paul and I will help him financially when we can. He is a Vietnam Vet and struggles with some issues. Don’t we all?
Today, this friend asked us for some help. Unfortunately, we did not have any cash between us and I told him I would get him what I could tomorrow.
Someone overheard the conversation and demanded to know why I was giving money to “him.”
First of all, it’s not anyone’s business what I do with my money unless I am doing something illegal and they are trying to set me straight.
Second of all, who I give it to is between God and me.
There is a Scripture in Deuteronomy that talks about people being tight fisted and hard hearted. I suspect that is a problem for many people in this world.
I am always amazed when I get lectured for doing something I consider kind and good. And, I did get a lecture.
Jesus said the poor would always be with us. He didn’t say to give them a litmus test before giving. He just said to give. I think I would rather err on the side of being too generous than to be condemning.
I’ve been called a fool for that; but, that’s not nearly as bad as what some have called me..:)


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