Day 1161 Bees

Today is Saturday. Today, I attended a rally in the capitol to save the bees and seeds. Glysophate is the poison in Roundup. It caused cancer. It causes cancer. It still causes cancer. Did you get it? It causes cancer.
The herbicides, pesticides and gmo’s are wiping out our bees.
The farmers’ market dots the street alongside the capitol building with white tents. Everything is organic. I love it!
Today, it was 71 degrees and sunny. It was a perfect day to walk downtown. I tasted homemade Kimchee and bought alpaca wool balls to go in my dryer. If you use these wool balls you can give up dryer sheets. The alpaca wool helps dry your clothing quicker and better. You can put a drop of your favorite essential oil on the wool and your laundry will have a nice smell.
Now, here is something not so sweet.  These are prisoners in Mississippi.  I would show you a picture of the food these guys get; but, you would probably vomit.  Some of these guys are my brothers.  I don’t post these things to discourage; on the contrary, I post them to give us opportunity to act.  We are all human beings.  NO ONE DESERVES THIS.


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