Day 1160 Rainbows

Today is Friday. Today, I spoke with Matt twice. He told me that for the second time in his life, he saw a pair of full rainbows. If you have not ever seen a double rainbow, it is something quite extraordinary.
I am glad that my son can be wowed by beautiful things.
Prison has a way of chipping away at one’s dignity and dashing even the smallest of hope. Matt has stayed clear of the bitter path and he knows his worth is not based on the narrative of a corrupt system.
I think about this when trying to encourage my brothers in prison. I see it in their letters. They are so afraid that I might quit writing them because they might offend me in some way. That’s not going to happen.
Yet, no matter how much encouragement, they still are beaten down.
Matt has learned to focus on encouraging and helping others. This has given him purpose. I try to get my guys to focus on others aside from themselves. They are coming along.
Rainbows: Hope. Inspiration. Beautiful.


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