Day 1151 sunshine

Today is Wednesday. Today, the sun shone all day; a first in many days.
As I watched the trees sway against a cloudless blue sky, I wondered why a man, not perfect; but a man who has spent years of his life exposing the corruption and evil gov’t’s perpetrate on people around the world sits in solitary. His only crime is journalism. He has not been in the sunshine for over 7 years. He can’t see my white pine waltzing overhead in their green gowns. He can’t smell the perfume of my hyacinth as their little blue heads bob in the breeze.

When telling the truth gets you persecuted, imprisoned, tortured, smeared and treated like a pariah….that’s when you don’t give in.

To all of those who are truthtellers; you are heroes of the noblest kind.  Much love.

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