Day 1148 day and night

Today is Sunday. Today, I spoke to two people who were so far apart in attitude, that one could have been day and the other night.
I have shared about my homeless friend, Manny. He is one of the most grateful and exuberant people in my world. He tells me that he used to be a man he didn’t like; but he has changed with God’s help. He says he feels like a new person with a mission to help others. I believe it! His excitement is contagious. He loves people.
The second person (I will leave nameless), was bitter. The conversation started around the word “convict.” I said it was an awful label and we should refer to people who are incarcerated and those released as people who are or were formally incarcerated.
The response was a vehement, “NO. They are convicts and they will be called convicts.” Everything went downhill after that. Anyone labelled as a sex offender should never get out of prison according to this person.
I must tell you that I went home and cried for not only my son; but, for all the guys I write, especially, my brothers in prison.
I felt like I was vomited on today. Bitter, self righteous people are ugly. I can’t describe it any other way.
Love is the answer; love is the great healer; love seeks to make beautiful.

peace my friends…

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