Day 1173 “Boxed”

Today is Thursday. Today, I had to pick up a prescription for myself; just a small tube which rang up as $105. Thank God, I have insurance which made my cost $11.
The young man at the counter, who checked me out, told me that just yesterday he had a guy, who needed diabetic medication. The cost was $500. The man did not have insurance nor the money to afford his medication. He left the pharmacy without it. My friend at the counter said he wished with all his heart he could have done something to help; but the cost is so prohibitive. We nodded in silence because what can you say? We live in the richest country in the world and people can’t afford their medications because the pharmas have to make obscene profits.
Today, I saw an ad for the new company “Boxed.” One can buy in bulk and get “stuff” shipped. So, while we are pushing consumerism in bulk (capitalist treadwheel for American gerbils), people, who can’t afford their medications, will go home to die and others will buy a freaking load of paper towels just because.


Day 1171 the man in the wheelchair

Today is Tuesday. Today, I listened to a man in a wheelchair tell his horrific story about his time in prison. He shared that a quadriplegic friend is still in the prison and lays in bed all day because no one helps him up. He has bed sores. His ex wife, angry and vindictive, falsely accused him of molesting his daughter. How many people are sitting prisons because of the selfishness and hate filled hearts of others?
We have the sweetest nurse on our criminal justice reform board who was shocked and dismayed at the lack of ethical and professional treatment from medical staff in the prison. She relayed that they all take the same oath as she did. How can they do harm? Sadly, so many of them do.
We were just told that the prison here is banning books that criticize prisons and the justice system. Sounds like a suit coming on.
I continue to wonder if there are any decent, honourable, and kind people in the system.
If you are out there, you are a hero in my estimation because you are definitely outnumbered by some real nasty bastards out there.


Day 1170 Remembering

Today is Monday. Today is Memorial Day. As many pause to remember those soldiers who have fallen in wars, I would like also to remember others who paid terrible prices because of war.
Today, I would like to remember 2 of Paul’s patients who passed away recently. They were both Japanese/American citizens.
Nick was born in Hawaii. During WW2, he was not permitted to fight in the Pacific. When he enlisted, he was sent to Italy. After the war, he moved East because he was not allowed to come back to his home state. He attended MIT and from what Paul has told me, he was a brilliant man.  He had bullet wound scars all over his head.
Early this morning, Hanako passed away. Her daughter recalled the time when she and her mom and dad were put into an internment camp for 4 years, which was short compared to how long other Japanese/Americans were imprisoned. Hanako’s husband got a job with his brother in Boston and the family was released to move there. The sentiment on the West coast toward Japanese/Americans was intolerable. Hanako and her family struggled most of their lives because her husband was the only provider and didn’t make much money. The daughter remembers growing up with a garden so that they could afford fresh vegetables to eat.
Racism and intolerance has been part of the fabric of this country for longer than I have been alive. We can see it today with the asylum seekers and immigrants who have been detained all over the country. Children are beaten, threatened and abused. Many come from the countries with which we fomented war.
When we label other human beings, then it seems easy to make war on them. It seems easy to dismiss someone who doesn’t look like you, doesn’t speak like you, doesn’t think like you.
As I remember those who have fallen, I wonder if we can ever feel the passion for peace. Can we ignore the media’s megaphone for the bloodthirsty warhawks and warmongers who revel in war. Can we find these wars unpalatable, disgusting and unethical?
You know, I can’t help thinking about and remembering the Vets who didn’t die. Many of them are homeless and many are in prison. They are still suffering.  Some thanks, eh?

Rest in Peace my fellow Americans, Nick and Hanako.

Day 1169 brainwashing not allowed

Today is Sunday. Today, it was 86 degrees and sunny. Today, I went with Paul as he made his rounds to see his patients since he is “on call” this weekend.

I noticed a number of places offering healthy choices for eating and organics. I even checked out Trader Joe’s, a grocery chain, I had yet to visit.
As important as it is to take care of our physical needs, we can’t for get to take care of our mental and emotional needs, too. With that in mind, what we ingest visually and audibly should be good and safe.
Unfortunately, over the years, there has been a concerted effort to paint a narrative that most citizens are probable criminals and law enforcement are the “good guys” out to save the day by subduing us terrible wretches.
This makes us look at each other unhealthily.
The worst are the Law and Order series, NCIS and FBI propaganda shows. If you are paying attention, the television dramas are as far from reality in this country as one can possibly get.
To paint all law enforcement as bad is just as wrong as to paint them all as good. But, there has been over 85,000 incidents of abusive law enforcement. (See USA Today)
Truth has become a criminal act. Journalists who hold gov’ts, corporations and powerful people accountable are persecuted, targeted, imprisoned and worse. Unfortunately, most of main stream media has become a distasteful force to distract and a dismal failure to report honest news.
Some solid sources for reliable information regarding what’s going on with criminal justice, political issues and other important issues:


You are smarter than those who want to manipulate the narrative.

Brainwashing is not allowed. Think for yourself.


Day 1168 holiday weekend

Today is Saturday. Today, Matt shared that he has lost 30 pounds. He told me not to worry. It was intentional and he has been exercising regularly.
Today was a beautiful day and a nice start to the holiday weekend for the many travelers who have come to New
Hampshire. The highways will now be crowded weekends through the summer. We got lakes; we got mountains; we got beach fronts.
Tonight, my dog is stretched out beside me on the couch. The windows are open, the peepers are singing and I can smell the hyacinth.
My heart is full of gratitude for such a lovely place.
Never take for granted the smallest pleasures. We know so many are deprived of them.

Prayers for Julian, Chelsea, Daniel, Reality, Jeremy, Matt, Joe, Chad, Kevin, Alvaro, Steven and so many many more.


Day 1167 scallops

Today is Friday.  Today, I went to help a lady who needed a project completed.  She is having new carpeting put down in a remodeled sunporch.  I cleaned wooden plank walls removing putty and paint drips.  The ceiling had to be washed of dust and the old carpet vacuumed.  Windows had to be scrubbed.  After 3 hours of work and a nicely cleaned porch, I was paid in cash and scallops; one pound of fresh, right off the docks of Boston scallops.

It gave Matt something to laugh about.  There’s something musical and heartwarming about laughter.

I look forward to a day when we can laugh face to face.