Day 1133 amphibian chorus

Today is Saturday. Today, I am sitting on my porch and it’s around 9 pm. The chorus of peepers and frogs fills the night. How anyone could sleep outside would be beyond me..;) They are so loud it’s hard to think.
Spring has descended finally in my neck of the woods, literally.
I would love to capture the frog opera and send it to my caged peeps.
Did I ever share that I would love to teach art in prisons? I’m sure some folks on the inside could teach me some great art, too.
It is such a major challenge to provide for prisoners. I can’t begin to tell you the time and money that has been wasted because of incompetent inhumane people.
I will be meeting with the commissioner early next week. Talking is a start. I am grateful that there is an open dialog to discuss prisoner issues.
My peepers in the pond out back are singing and they are free. I hope my caged peeps know this feeling one day soon.


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