Day 1125 My heart

Today is Friday. Today is my art day. I have chosen not to work on Fridays to complete art projects and catch up with my caged peeps.
This past week, I sent stamps, funds and a guitar to prisoners. I fed 3 homeless people and I cleaned a house for an elderly lady who has had a number of strokes.
I am not sharing this because I’m looking for a pat on the back or a medal. I was a bit taken aback by some comments that were made after I posted that I missed my son.
My solution to my pain is to pray, focus on others’ needs and do what I can. I don’t mean to sound like I’m whining, because I am not
My heart is in pain.
I work most days on my knees in front of toilets and scrubbing bathtubs. Some people are kind, others are not around, and some are pretty damn condescending. But, it’s worth it when my son has money to call and a few of my caged sweet peeps get something good to eat and stamps for letters to their lawyers.
I am far from perfect; but, I do try to make love an action.
I still miss my son.

Peace and hugs.💜

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