Day 1142 the lake

Today is Monday. Today, I had a day off and spent it with my dear friend. We travelled up north to Lake Winnipesauki and one of the largest quilt shops in New England.
Life is about people and making wonderful memories with them. I have a few projects to work on.
Tomorrow, I go back to cleaning. Not quite the same fun as painting or quilting; but, I do like to eat and so do my peeps I take care of.
Hugs and #Peace 💞

Day 1141 “You may say I’m a dreamer”

Today is Sunday. Today, I want to share a quote by my Paul. He is usually hesitant in sharing his political views as he has faced hostility at times.

“Imagine supporting a candidate because you truly believe they share your values, your goals for the future of the country and all humanity, and you support their policies. Imagine if character counted more than “electability” or the capability to crush the opposition. Imagine people putting principles above personalities and parties. Imagine a world beyond black or white, yes or no, us or them, right or left, dem or repub. Imagine all your friends and family supporting your right to choose whom you feel is right without comment, argument, rejection, or rancor. Imagine being truly free to express what you truly believe in a society which truly values diversity of opinion and promotes personal freedom over conformity.
“You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.”

We don’t believe in war. We don’t believe in this prison system. We don’t believe in the voracious greed. We don’t believe that hatred and brutal punishment are any kind of answer.

You may not believe in God or prayers. I do. Tonight, I was on my knees with my friend and we prayed about the Yemeni people having peace, the US prison system being dismantled, Julian Assange’s freedom and safety, among a number of things.


Day 1140 Paint, quilt and prisoners

Today is Saturday. Today, I painted a bedroom with help from my dear friend, who is visiting me from NY.
Today, we went out to one of the local quilt shops and found some lovely material. I will be making a quilt that matches the colors in the bedroom. I chose to paint the room in 2 colors, cream and sapphire blue.
Today, I would like to share a piece written by a brilliant man and dear friend.

Death Can be a Slow Traveler: Peltier, Mumia and Rap Brown

It is how it really works and the people who suffer because they do not tow the “line”.

We have such a long way to go.


Day 1137 single moms

Today is Wednesday. Today, I spent several hours cleaning a really messy home and the kids were off for school vacation.
I had to clean around them. I had just finished vacuuming when I found a slice of pizza with its toppings face down on the floor. After I mopped the famiy room, one kid spilled a bottle of Gatorade behind and underneath a section of the couch.
The mom was very apologetic and admitted how messy they were. I just gave her a big hug and told her that’s why she had me there.
She gave me a generous tip and even though the house looked so much better when I was done, I was grateful to get home and take a short nap. Lol.

Hugs to all the single moms out there.💞🌹

Day 1136 let’s affect change

Today is Tuesday. Today, I spent a little over an hour in the office of the commissioner for the dept of corrections. We had a productive meeting and everyone showed respect for each others’ ideas and questions.
There is so much injustice going on in this world. We can sit and grieve over that or we can try to affect change where we can in the lives around us.
Ongoing talks and plans of action are on the table with the commissioner.

I hope you are speaking for the suffering and the voiceless in your community by getting involved.

Hugs and peace. It’s not an easy task.


Day 1134 photography

Today is Easter Sunday. Today, I got to speak to Matt for extra minutes. Someone sent him a photography mag and he’s hooked! We talked about lenses and tripods and taking pics for my art projects.
One has to have hope that there will be some kind of normal.


Day 1133 amphibian chorus

Today is Saturday. Today, I am sitting on my porch and it’s around 9 pm. The chorus of peepers and frogs fills the night. How anyone could sleep outside would be beyond me..;) They are so loud it’s hard to think.
Spring has descended finally in my neck of the woods, literally.
I would love to capture the frog opera and send it to my caged peeps.
Did I ever share that I would love to teach art in prisons? I’m sure some folks on the inside could teach me some great art, too.
It is such a major challenge to provide for prisoners. I can’t begin to tell you the time and money that has been wasted because of incompetent inhumane people.
I will be meeting with the commissioner early next week. Talking is a start. I am grateful that there is an open dialog to discuss prisoner issues.
My peepers in the pond out back are singing and they are free. I hope my caged peeps know this feeling one day soon.