Day 1105 Kindertransport

Today is Saturday. I recently learned of a hospice patient whose parents were Jews in Nazi Germany. When this patient was 13, she and 1000 other Jewish children were sent to Great Britain and put with foster families there known historically as the Kindertransport which started in 1938. Mostly Jewish children (10,000) from Austria, Germany and Czechoslovakia were rescued from the inevitable imprisonment in camps.
The patient was reunited with her family years later as they had survived the concentration camps. The patient’s mother described to her how other Jewish children and adults were shot down in the streets by Nazis. It was quite miraculous that all of them had survived to be reunited.
Do you ever see patterns in your own country and wonder why others don’t make a connection? It’s easy for us to see the terrible evil inflicted on the Jewish people and how cruel and inhumane the Nazis were. What about the killing of black people? What about the hostility toward people of color?
Nazis love having power over people.

Here are some facts about Nazism:

1) Rejects rationalism, democracy the rule of law, human rights, and all movements of international cooperation and peace.
2) Purports the subordination of the individual to the state, and the necessity of blind and unswerving obedience to leaders appointed from above.
3) Steeped in conservative nationalism
4) Emphasizes the inequality of men and races and the right of the strong to rule the weak
5) Intimidation and totalitarianism
6) Cult leader understands mass psychology and propaganda

I see a great deal of anger and hate in this country. Unless we recognize that we are being manipulated and take a stand for peace, for justice, for compassion, for understanding, how will we be any different than the Germans who allowed a cruel dictator and nationalist blind them to the evil Hitler perpetrated on those he despised?

Peace…seriously…stand up for it.

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