Day 1090 Different

Today is Friday. Today, I spoke with a father who discussed the issues of his transgendered daughter. I was struck by the candidness of his concerns for his child. His love for her was obvious and inspiring. She is ten.
He was frustrated by his parents’ disapproval and standoffish attitude toward their grandchild.
“They are Christians,” he said as if that
was the reason.
I told him I am a Christian and I do not treat anyone who is different disrespectfully or judgementally. Compassion and kindness should be how we treat others.
I met his daughter and it made me cry inside to think someone would intentionally hurt her much less her grandparents.
The father asked me why couldn’t people just practice kindness. What a novel idea.

Tonight, I am thinking of Chelsea Manning who was sent back to the cages for refusing to incriminate herself after being subpoenaed by the secret grand jury which should be dissolved because it’s such an anathema to fair justice and democracy.
What happened to her should make everyone vigilant.


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