Day 1087 Alice

Today is Tuesday. Today, I finished 2 jobs and then I received a call from Alice, an older woman who lives alone, struggles to walk because her knees are shot and suffers memory loss from several strokes. She wanted me to come by and clean her house. It was already 3:00 pm and I was tired.
I went anyway. She loves to make me coffee and chat. Her house is old and outdated. She lives are her social security. I don’t take money from her; but, she always manages to slip some in my jacket pocket.
I found the cash before I left and told her to keep her money. She waved a spoon at me and told me I’d bettera take it if I knew what was good for me. LOL
Funny. I spent 3 hours with a co worker cleaning a home whose owners live more than comfortably. The woman bitches about her floors not being mopped to her specifications. The floors look great yet she always finds something to complain about. She never compliments me on the nice extras I do for her.
Alice’s cup of coffee with her special creamer and a few bucks in my pocket were the positive encouragement I needed after an earlier stressful clean.
Thank God for the Alices in this world. They care more about people instead of “stuff.”


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