Day 1084 Life song

Today is Saturday. Today, I heard a song that just transported me to a place I hadn’t been in a long time.
Music has a way of reaching the very depth of one’s soul and a song can translate what we feel in our hearts.
Do you believe that we are all songs to be sung? Some of us are unfinished pieces because we’ve lost our music. Others have beautiful tunes and unforgettable lyrics.
Some of my dearest friends who have left this world have left behind their songs that will continue to play on the strings of my heart.
When a special song comes along and resonates with me, I just add it to my own living song.
You are fine pieces of music and your lyrics are being written or maybe you are in the middle of stanzas.
Make your life song one that encourages and makes this world a sweeter sounding place.

Much much 💘

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