Day 1083 Chicken

Today is Friday. Tonight, I can’t stop crying. I got a letter from a couple of my guys who are caged in a Tennessee private prison. Sometimes they can have a pizza that’s brought in if they have funds on their accounts.
They’ve been asking me for a few weeks now; but I haven’t had the money. They asked again because they haven’t been getting enough meat. The sgt said they could order out for chicken if they had the funds.
OMG. I feel so bad. I feel so very badly.
How can a for profit prison do this to my sweet peeps?
I am never going to be okay about this. My heart is shredded.
I sent what I could. I am praying they can get the food, the chicken we all take for granted.
Please pray for my guys.

😥😥Welcome to incarcerated America. 😥

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