Day 1113 Perpetual War

Today is Sunday. This is an article by award winning journalist, Eric Margolis. It is worth the read, seriously.

Iraq: How We Were Lied into War
Eric Margolis

Sixteen years ago, the US and Britain committed a crime of
historic proportion, the invasion and destruction of Iraq. It was as egregious an aggression as Nazi Germany’s 1939 invasion of Poland.
Large numbers of Iraqi civilians died from 2003-2007. Iraq’s water and sewage systems were bombed, causing widespread cholera. The UN estimated 500,000 Iraqi children alone died as
a result. Madeleine Albright, US Secretary of State, said it was ‘a price worth paying.’
But not so much for the 4,424 US soldiers killed in Iraq, or the 31,952 wounded, many with devastating brain and neurological injuries. Nor for US taxpayers who forked out over $1 trillion for this botched war and are still paying the bill – which was hidden
in the national debt. In 2003, Iraq was the most advanced Arab nation in social welfare health, education, military power, and industrial
development. But it was run by a megalomaniac, Saddam Hussein, who had been helped into power and sustained in his long war against Iran, by the United States, Britain and their Arab satraps.
When Saddam grew too big for his britches, Washington lured him into invading Kuwait, another American-British oil satrapy. A hue and cry went out from Washington and London that Iraq had
secret nuclear weapons that threatened the entire globe. War, thundered US-British propaganda, was urgent and necessary.
As I knew from covering Iraq for many years, it had no nuclear weapons and no medium or long-ranged delivery systems. What it did have was a chemical/biological laboratory at Salman Pak
that was staffed with British technicians producing lethal toxins for use against Iran. I discovered this secret operation and reported it. Meanwhile, the dim-witted Iraqis were threatening tohang me as an Israeli spy. I watched with disgust and dismay as the US and Britain launched massive broadsides of lies against Iraq and those few, like myself, who insisted Baghdad had no nuclear weapons.
Almost the entire US and British media were compelled to act as mouthpieces for the George Bush/Tony Blair war against Iraq, trumpeting egregious lies designed to whip up war fever. Our
media, supposedly the tribune of democracy, became lie factories, putting even the old Soviet media to shame.
The New York Times led the charge, along with the three main TV networks. I was in Iraq with its star correspondent, Judith Miller, who became a key agent of the pro-war campaign. So too the
Murdoch press in Britain and Fox News. When the BBC tried to question the torrent of lies about Iraq, it was crushed by Tony Blair.
A leading British nuclear expert who questioned the nuclear lies was murdered. Iraq was polluted by US depleted uranium shells. Journalists like me were intimidated or marginalized. I was dropped by a leading US newspaper, a major Canadian TV chain,
and by CNN for whom I had been a regular commentator. I was told the Bush White House had given orders, ‘get rid of Margolis.’
My sin: insisting Iraq had no nuclear weapons and was not threatening the US. Things became so absurd that the story went out that Saddam had ‘drones of death’ that were poised to
attack America.
Of the US media, only the McClatchy chain and Christian Science Monitor reported the war honestly. Nearly all the rest of America’s TV talking heads brayed for war. Most are still there today, demanding war against Iran.
Who was behind the war? A combination of big oil, which wanted Iraq’s vast reserves, and the Israel lobby which wanted to see Iraq destroyed by US power. The Pentagon was taken over by
pro-war neoconservatives: Wolfowitz, Feith, Rumsfeld.
George Bush, an ignorant fool, was putty in the hands of VP Dick Cheney, a pro-war megalomaniac. The CIA played along. Even the respected former general, Colin Powell, made a fool of himself
before the UN and the world by claiming Iraq had hidden weapons. It had chemical weapons, all right, but we had the receipts to show they came from the US and Britain.
No one in the US or Britain ever faced trial for war-mongering and killing vast numbers of people. The lying media escaped well-deserved censure. As for the lying politicians who brought on this disaster, they blamed poor intelligence and bad luck.
Those few who opposed the war of aggression remain sidelined or silenced.

We need to stand against war.  Peace.

Day 1112 Bowtie cookies

Today is Saturday. Today, I went to Manchester to buy my mother some Polish food. She is Lithuanian and Polish food is similar to the foods she grew up with.
I am reminded of the time when two fbi agents asked her where she was from when they came to question her about my son and me.
She said, “My mother. Where the hell are you from?”
Makes me chuckle to this day.

Her favourite cookie are bowties dusted with powdered sugar. Her mom used to make them. My grandmother was a wonderful cook.

Geras naktis ir ramybė (good night and peace)

Day 1110 Ice Music

Today is Thursday. Today, I learned about Ice Music. It began in Gello, Norway with a Norwegian, Terje Isungset. He liked to use polar ice and the older blue ice makes the most unique sounds after being carved into musical instruments.
Terje is a composer and a musician. He established the Ice Music Festival where ice carvers and musicians come together to create and perform.

Cool people doing cool stuff

How many people who have talent like this are spending decades in prison?

Peace my friends.💞

Day 1109 Do you see me?

Today is Wednesday. Today, I resurrected an old poem and added another verse. It just seems to fit…maybe one day it won’t because we will all take care of each other.

Seen a man panning on the old street corner
Looking hard, unwashed and his clothes wearing too big
Blue eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Saying when will I have my dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see me? Do you see me?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

Seen a woman running orders for a hole in the wall
Single mom lost her face and her figure to no sleep, little drink
Red eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Saying when will I have my dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see me? Do you see me?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

Seen a man in trouble sitting crying in cold small cell
No money, pleading out, threatened that he’ll lose his family
Scared eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Saying when will I have my dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see me? Do you see me?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

You walk past in your well fed suit thinking about the Dow today
While they only have the bad air to breathe and a sidewalk bed
You drop a coin on the table because you despise breaking a bill
As she wonders how she will feed her three kids and a stray cat
Your leather briefcase is monogrammed like the back of your Rolex
And he gets 5 minutes of your counsel because you’re too damn busy

Seen some people oppressed and struggling.
Eyes reach out and plead for a hand
Shouting when will we have our dignity, respectability, humanity
Do you see us? Do you see us?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

Seen the children stolen from their parents.
Seen some children starving as the bombs fall.
Their parents are are crying when will we have our dignity, respectability, humanity…our children, our lives.
Do you see us? Do you see us?
We weren’t meant to do this alone.

We can’t keep our eyes closed. So many need us.  Peace.

Day 1108 Principal Cook

Today is Tuesday. Today, I saw a clip about a principal, Mr. Cook, from a a school in Newark, New Jersey. He stands outside and welcomes all the kids to school. He calls them “his babies.”
Some kids didn’t come to school because they didn’t have clean clothes and were bullied because of it. The principal put in washing machines and dryers in the school. He opens the school early in the morning and 6-11 pm three nights a week so some of “his babies” can get something to eat and do their homework.
Can you even imagine if all principals and teachers cared about their kids like this?

Principal Cook is a beatiful soul and a hero in my book. I suspect “his babies” would heartily agree.


Day 1107 Silver

Today is Monday. Today, I used something very simple with profound results. It is a cloth infused with silver which has antibacterial properties and all I have to use is water.
Sometimes, I think about people I know who are not necessarily the most beautiful, the most powerful, the most financially secure. But, these people have something special and pure in them like the silver weaved in the cloth. They have a way of making things better, safer, more peaceful.
Silver lined intentions of friends who have hearts of gold…:)