Day 1079 Assinine logic

Today is Monday. Today, I was very disappointed to read that our Governor will veto the repeal of the death penalty should it pass. He said it’s to remember the victims and the police. Assinine logic.
Exactly how does murdering people support victims and police? Why do people always want to make things political instead of looking at issues based on humanity and dignity and moral decency?
As a family member of a slain cop, none of our relatives supported the death penalty. Even though some of my relatives could be called racists and nationalists, they were not blood thirsty revenge seekers.
I have written the governor and asked to meet with him. I have yet to receive even an automated form letter. I have decided I am going to be the sweetest pain in the ass in his life. Tomorrow, another card goes out to him. Sometimes you have to teach people about compassion and mercy because they are too hard hearted and stupid.
He should have acquiesced already to the higher moral ground.


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