Day 1074 Dogs

Today is Wednesday. Today, I made a friend; a dog named Jolene. She followed me around as I cleaned the offices of a waste water treatment plant.
She liked the smell of my cleaner. I use a combination of herb oils that naturally disinfect and have a very pleasing odor. Jolene grabbed one of my cleaning cloths and lay her head on it.
She investigated the vacuum and sniffed the lavender infused floor cleaner on my mop.
Most of my clients’ pets could care less; but, Jolene was very curious about my supplies.
Dogs are such cool creatures. My dog loves yogurt. Before I am even finished with my cup, she grabs it, jumps off the couch and takes it to the carpet to keep the cup from sliding on the floor. Then she licks the remaining yogurt. She’s not fussy about the flavor. She seems to enjoy them all.
A very kind and clever woman here has inmates train her dogs for service to the disabled. I saw pics of prisoners with puppies; how beautiful.

Peace and warm hugs from cold surroundings.πŸ’žπŸ’ž

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