Day 1065 cat poop

Today is Monday. Today, I had to bite my tongue a half a dozen times. When you have to deal with a know it all obnoxious person who hasn’t been on this planet for very long, you have to take a look at yourself.
I always shoot for being kind. It just gets a bit more challenging with some people you’d rather see to a sock stuffed into their mouths and sent on their way.
I told Matt and he reminded me gently of the bevy of obnoxious people he’s had to deal that make my dealings pale.
I am an older woman who cleans houses. That gets me a lot of grief. It’s hard to get any better lessons of humility than scrubbing someone’s crappy toilet bowl.

Awwww life, it’s a definitely an uphill climb most days.

Someone asked me what was the worst thing about my job. hair out of bathtub drains. Gag me. I can’t deal with that.
Listening to dried cat poop clinking through metal vacuum sections doesn’t inspire much either..LOL



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