Day 1063 light wielders

Today is Saturday. Today, I don’t want to think about what this gov’t is doing and will continue to do to Venezuela. Our history is long, bloody and ruthless. We want control of oil and we will destroy nations while pretending to “save” them.
God be with the Venezuelan people.

Today, we keep pushing hard for peace and we take the back the good that has been lost piece by piece.

Today, I watched as acting AG Whittaker was questioned about the “misplaced children.” He could give a rat’s *ss about immigrant kids.
It made me very very sad. Watching his smug attitude and hearing his uncaring responses made me realize he’s a perfect poster boy for a sociopath.

These are dark days for humanity. Get your lights out there.
Here are a couple of light wielders:
A lady business owner, paid for rooms at hotels to house 100 homeless people. A Pakistani restaurant owner in DC feeds the homeless and the poor allowing the to come in a eat. starts with us.💞


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