Day 1059 Clumsy

Today is Tuesday. Today, I offended someone terribly without intending to. She misunderstood my frustration at a cruel and inhumane system and felt I was attacking her personally.
Do you ever feel clumsy? It really does hurt to hurt someone. It feels like I walked into a store of beautiful glass and knocked over a display with my elbow and the lovely creations fell to floor and shattered. Except, this was someone’s feelings.
Heavy sigh. I am not a perfect person. Grace has never been used in describing me.
So with all the contriteness in my bones and humility in my body, “I’m sorry, Jennifer.”

Well, tomorrow is another day. Let’s see if I can articulate my feelings on a subject a little better so I don’t exasperate or offend another soul.

Hugs my friends. Matt sends his love.

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