Day 1057 sports are over rated

Today is Sunday. Today, I did not watch the superbowl. Quite frankly, I am discouraged by the money and the focus on sports while others around us are suffering and the extreme nationalism and love for a piece of cloth over people.
Today, I wrote out cards for my caged peeps. I have to give kudos to the prison in TN for returning the guitar which led to my getting a refund. Honestly, I thought I was going to be out of luck with that one. I can now order a guitar with no pickup and have it shipped to my dear brother in prison.
Matt called tonight and he has enrolled in a program that will give him credit for the admin he has done while at Ashland. He has such a great attitude for one so unjustly treated. Bitterness has no root in this guy’s heart. He just tries to find ways to make the most good out of a really bad situation.
I hope your week brings you more smiles than you can count. Keep an eye out for opportunities to show that kindness is a balm for the beaten down.
Much love and hugs my friends. Peace.

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