Day 1054 good butter

Today is Thursday. Today, I baked several batches of shortbread cookies. The key to a good melt in your mouth shortbread is the butter. It has to be real and very high quality butter. I use an organic brand from Maine.
If we want endeavors and relationships to be good, we have to put in quality time and care or love.
We can approach situations or people adversarily; or, we can have an attitude of compassion, concern and look for genuine benefits.
I have been given an opportunity that quite frankly scares me. I doubt my own ability to relay the importance of good quality care for a segment of our society who have been horribly labeled.
I’ve been asked to attend a meeting that will produce an outcome affecting a number of people.
God knows how long I’ve been praying for changes in a program that is farcical and destructive. Now, He’s thrown me in the middle of something and I’m scared. Lol
I ask you if you pray, that God would grant me wisdom.
I want to be the “good butter.” I need to get to work researching.

Matt sends his love.

Peace my friends.💞

One thought on “Day 1054 good butter

  1. David Crabtree February 1, 2019 / 3:17 pm

    Want me to go with you? I’m afraid of nothing anymore.

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