Day 1080 leap of faith

Today is Tuesday. Today, I backed my car into a tree. The crunch sound made me ill. I was never good at backing up. Lol
Today, I registered my dog. Now the ICE for puppies can’t deport my dog.
Today, I started to dream for my son. I am still afraid of the evil that is out there; but, I feel myself growing stronger every day.
Today, I’ve decided to take a leap of faith.


Day 1079 Assinine logic

Today is Monday. Today, I was very disappointed to read that our Governor will veto the repeal of the death penalty should it pass. He said it’s to remember the victims and the police. Assinine logic.
Exactly how does murdering people support victims and police? Why do people always want to make things political instead of looking at issues based on humanity and dignity and moral decency?
As a family member of a slain cop, none of our relatives supported the death penalty. Even though some of my relatives could be called racists and nationalists, they were not blood thirsty revenge seekers.
I have written the governor and asked to meet with him. I have yet to receive even an automated form letter. I have decided I am going to be the sweetest pain in the ass in his life. Tomorrow, another card goes out to him. Sometimes you have to teach people about compassion and mercy because they are too hard hearted and stupid.
He should have acquiesced already to the higher moral ground.


Day 1078 Fingers in the ears

Today is Sunday. Today, I want to talk about people who put their fingers in their ears because truth is too painful or too frightening to hear.
We aren’t likely to make good decisions if we aren’t well informed.
Global thinking is not a practice in this country.
It was refreshing to spend two weekends in a row speaking with people who have traveled, know their history, and are not afraid to discuss tough issues.
We don’t have to have all the answers; but, we certainly should be aware of what’s going on in this world. We need to view with clear lenses and not rose coloured glasses or sticking our fingers in our ears.

Truth isn’t always positive; but, it is necessary.


Day 1077 sad and familiar echo

Today is Saturday.  Today, I did a little bit of exploring with Paul and 2 friends.  We went up north where they make maple syrup and have dog sled rides along snow covered trails.  We had a wonderful breakfast and enjoyed a landscape of iced glazed snow which resembled marshmallow fluff. It is a peaceful part of the world.  Other places are not so fortunate.

Here is an article I am sharing regarding Venezuela.  If you know your history, this will be a sad and familiar echo.

Only when we are informed can we stand up for peace.






Day 1076 Mr. Mizzo

Today is Friday. Today, I was granted an audience with a very persnickity feline. Normally, when I clean for this client, his cat avoids me or eyes me from a high safe place like the top of a bunkbed. But, today, this cat investigated my bag of cleaning supplies and sniffed the legs of my jeans.
Mister Mizzo is a fairly big cat. He looks about 20 pounds easily. I reached down to pet him and he gave me a snarl and then walked away from me.
Normally, I am met by dogs that slobber all over me. Today, Jack, a labradoodle and Rock Star, a poodle have to get their hugs and kisses before I can do any work.
Mr. Mizzo will be my project. Cats are so…well, you know. The fact that I piqued his curiosity is a a big deal.
Tonight, as I was fixing dinner, a raccoon came up on my deck and looked the glass doors. My dog went nuts. She wanted to go after it. The raccoon is 3 times her size. My dog would be lunchmeat.
Dogs, cats..okay for raccoons please.


Day 1075 Work

Today is Thursday. Today is my birthday. I worked 10 hours. I am grateful that I can work. One of the questions I get most from my caged peeps is will there be someone who would give them a job when they are released.
Add the registry and now a pariah is made of some of my peeps and depending to what State they are released could mean life or death.
Giant kudos to those who make it a point to hire ex prisoners. Second chances. We all need grace.


Day 1074 Dogs

Today is Wednesday. Today, I made a friend; a dog named Jolene. She followed me around as I cleaned the offices of a waste water treatment plant.
She liked the smell of my cleaner. I use a combination of herb oils that naturally disinfect and have a very pleasing odor. Jolene grabbed one of my cleaning cloths and lay her head on it.
She investigated the vacuum and sniffed the lavender infused floor cleaner on my mop.
Most of my clients’ pets could care less; but, Jolene was very curious about my supplies.
Dogs are such cool creatures. My dog loves yogurt. Before I am even finished with my cup, she grabs it, jumps off the couch and takes it to the carpet to keep the cup from sliding on the floor. Then she licks the remaining yogurt. She’s not fussy about the flavor. She seems to enjoy them all.
A very kind and clever woman here has inmates train her dogs for service to the disabled. I saw pics of prisoners with puppies; how beautiful.

Peace and warm hugs from cold surroundings.💞💞

Day 1073 KC

Today is Tuesday. Today, I received a letter from one of my guys in Federal prison.
He is gay. He was severely beaten and thrown in solitary for his “safety.” Of course the nasty homophobic dudes who beat him didn’t get punished.
He told me he was being moved to another prison. These crazies even contacted his parents and threatened them trying to extort money from them.
I cried after he told me I’m the only one outside his parents who cares about him.
His parents are in their 80’s. I suspect they are his grandparents who have raised him.
I am hoping this new prison will be safer for him.
To my friend, KC: hugs, love and prayers for safety. My heart hurts.


Day 1072 Buffalo wings

Today is Monday. Today, I heard from Matt. The prison provided buffalo wings, green bean casserole and strawberry cream pie for dessert. It’s things like this that give me encouragement. There are real humans out there who want to be humane to prisoners even if it is something as simple as a special meal.
Today, I was treated like crap. But, I do not know the dispicable behaviour suffered by prisoners. I will take my discomfort and use it as a reminder of those who suffer daily in prisons.

To those whose attitude sucks and disrespected me today: bring it on. I am way better than your nastiness.

Love to my guys in prison and especially to my sweet son.