Day 1051 Keep smiling

Today is Monday. Today, I was disrespected by the owner of the business I work for. Why is it that you can be honest, hardworking, not take advantage, go the extra mile and watch others around you lie, cheat and be totally irresponsible: but, you get spoken to like you messed up and the others never even get a frown?
I don’t often get angry and speak my mind. I know
you may find that hard to believe; but, I usually take a few deep breaths and just carry on most of the time.
Discouraged is the word. I am really discouraged.
Then I think about this person Paul knows who has no health insurance and has serious health issues, she owns a car that has engine failure. She drives 2 hours one way to work and is using a rental car because she can’t afford to buy an new one and the warranty ran out on her problematic car.
I realize that my issues are pretty minor.
Don’t you wish sometimes you had a few million that you could just bless people like her anonymously?
My son has been in prison for over 7 years. I have nothing on this earth to complain about.

Keep smiling and be grateful for even the littlest of things. Hugs my friends.

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