Day 1048 Glass

Today is Friday. Today, I had my first day off in a long time. Today, I spent the afternoon with a most delightful woman who happens to be my pastor’s wife. We explored shops and had Greek food for lunch. Gosh, if I didn’t feel like I have a life..;)
I went to a stained glass shop and oh my, they have pieces of glass for sale. My art instincts went over the top. I had to touch the glass and ooooh over the colours.
Okay, I’ll stop for
I’ve sent Matt 3 magazines so far and he has not been given them. This gets so very old.
Thank God he got 3 letters from all across the country. Charish, if you are reading my blog, he just loved your letter.

Peace my friends..thank you, Renee for a lovely day.

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