Day 1032 S.O. registry

Today is Tuesday. Today, I am on a mission. Today, I will fight against the sex offender’s registry and I will support those who are working to get rid of this base, cruel and profane punishment.
One offense does not necessarily equal a lifetime label and continual persecution. I write many and there are those who have slept with teenagers, sexted, pissed in public, downloaded inappropriate pictures and had pictures planted on them.
The severe charges for all these “crimes” are the same. Everyone is labeled a sex offender. Really?!!! How can one be a sex offender if he/she hasn’t had sex? How can one still be a sex offender if he/she is not involved in it?
This is the new net that will fast replace the war against drugs incarceration.
We’ve been told a lie. Recidivism for “sex offenses” is low. The prisons make obscene money off mandatory minimums. Did you realize that for each picture a person will get 5 years in prison? What a great way to put people away that you don’t like. And yes, it happens. Oh yes. how it happens. We know. Ask my son.
Prisons are full of people who have been set up.
There are ways to handle those who hurt children. But, to use the registry on millions of others is evil.
I suspect I will anger and lose people over this.
I believe in restorative justice for everyone involved.

I am sick of unmerciful, harsh, cruel punishment. Our prisons thrive on it. Many politicians and media promote it. Corporations make money off it.

I will always work to foster healing.

peace and much love and respect to you all

One thought on “Day 1032 S.O. registry

  1. Melody Bourgeois January 9, 2019 / 5:01 pm

    I am beside you all the way!

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