Day 1030 Decisions

Today is Sunday. Today, I have come to a decision that I must re evaluate my involvement in various things. For instance, I offended someone on Twitter (not ever my intention) and it made me sit back. I don’t believe I am effective anymore in supporting my son or encouraging the people I am connected to. Some how I have messed up. I have lost my ability to help people feel important. I have lost the ability to reach people and inform them. So, I am stepping away from Twitter at this point in time.
I am also involved in an organization that I feel strongly about; but, for the past few months I have to say that I have become discouraged by the criticism of me and my work. I am seriously considering resigning.
I am weary. I just ask for your thoughts and prayers. I want to get myself sorted out so I can get back on track and be the person I need to be.

Friends are like stardust…just magical. Peace and blessings.

2 thoughts on “Day 1030 Decisions

  1. Ana January 7, 2019 / 11:40 am

    To resign or worst is what they’re wating from us. I don’t know what happened on Twitter but shit happens, whatever is your mistake or not, don’t let this event of your life break you down. Yes, you have to evaluate your involvement because you care too much and you forgot yourself.
    I know the pain of being victim or witness of injustice but i don’t know the pain of a mom who’s having her son tortured by governement. For how many years are you fighting now? Don’t let them win, in the end, if you keep fighting as little and useless as you can feel, you’ll win even if you’ll have to suffer again before your son will be come back home, but he will even if this administration will do everything to make an exemple of him and the others to scare us.
    I “saw” a lot of people out there who need the help of Cybermom, you don’t have the heart to let them down anyway.
    Take the time to reconsider and to heal from what happened because you don’t lose any abilities you have, you are just tired and keep fighting!

    Take care Leann, you are an exemple of kindness and of so much things ❤


  2. Ronda Girardi January 7, 2019 / 12:30 pm

    Hugs! Perhaps it is time for others to give you the encouragement you need. You are a blessing to so many and to your son. You and your husband both need some extra love and support.

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